11 Birthdays, Wendy Mass

Amanda and Leo were born on the exact same day. Living in a small town, they naturally became friends. They spent every birthday together. Soon after their tenth birthday, Amanda and Leo got in an argument with each other. They refused to talk, or even look, at one another.

Amanda thought that her eleventh birthday was nothing out of the ordinary, except that she wasn’t sharing it with Leo, until she woke up the next day only to repeat her birthday over again! Amanda needed to find out what was causing her birthday to repeat, but she couldn’t do that without enlisting in the help of Leo.

“11 Birthdays” is a great book targeted for ages 9-13. Wendy Mass truly shows off her writing ability as you dive deep into the town of Willow Falls with Amanda and Leo on their mysterious, suspenseful journey. “11 Birthdays” truly is a wonderful book.


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