Because Of Mr.Terupt, Rob Buyea

“Because of Mr.Terupt” is about one class, and one extraordinary teacher, Mr.Terupt. Mr.Terupt teaches his class life lessons, and lets his class have fun doing it. His class absolutely adores him. When an accident that happens on the play ground puts Mr.Terupt in the hospital, his class is devastated. Some children go to the hospital to see their teacher in a coma, yet others can’t bear to see him. His class wonders whether he will ever be out of a coma. This event changes the students forever.

“Because of Mr.Terupt” is written in first person. Each child in the class shares their own point of view. I thoroughly enjoyed “Because Of Mr.Terupt” and hope you will, too. I recommend “Because Of Mr.Terupt” as it is a very well-written, great book.


3 responses to “Because Of Mr.Terupt, Rob Buyea

  1. Jade

    That book is funny and sad

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