Between Shades of Grey, Ruta Sepeteys

Lina is a young Lithuanian girl who’s town is taken over by the Soviets. Lina and her family are forced to leave their home, even though Lina’s dad had not yet returned from work. Lina and her family are put onto a cattle car headed for a camp. It is a long journey to the camp. At every stop. Lina and her brother search for their dad. After seeing him one night, they are told he is headed for prison.

Lina’s father was separated from his family. In order to make sure he can find them again, Lina uses her amazing drawing abilities to draw a map on her handkerchief to be passed along to her father. Lina hopes that they will all be able to see each other again. She holds onto her hope even when she and her family are treated poorly at a work camp. They suffer from sickness, bugs, hunger, and depression. Lina meets a boy who attempts to help her family and smuggle them food.

“Between Shades of Grey” is a very sad story that makes you understand how many Lithuanian people were treated at such work camps. Ruta Sepeteys will make you cry while reading this book as she describes in depth the hard life of these poor people. I recommend this well-written story to others.


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