Finally, Wendy Mass

Rory Swanson wants to do all the “normal” twelve-year-old things like getting a phone, buying lunch, going to the mall with friends, wear makeup, get her ears pierced, and go to a boy-girl party. All of this is hard to accomplish with her over-protective mother! But finally, following her twelfth birthday, Rory is permitted these privileges.

After Rory’s birthday, she and her best friend Annabelle are chosen to be extras in a movie being shot at their school. Since she is going to be in a movie, Rory decided to try new things that lead to painful disasters! Her face puffs, her skin falls off of her leg, and her ear swells! These disasters almost got her fired from being an extra in the movie.

After meeting new people, and helping others, will Rory finally decide that being twelve isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?

“Finally” is a great-coming-of-age book that will take you into the humorous life of Rory Swanson. Wendy Mass continues to be one of my favorite authors, and I hope you will read this book as it is one of her best.


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