Number the Stars, Lois Lowry

Annemarie Johansen lives in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1943, three years after the Nazis took over. She lives in the same apartment building as her Jewish friend, Ellen. Annemarie soon finds out that Ellen is in grave danger. Peter Neilson, Annemarie’s late sister’s fiance who is also a member of the resistance, hides Ellen’s parents and keeps them safe. Ellen has to live with the Johansens and pretend she is Annmarie’s sister.

Nazis invade the Johansen home. They almost find out who Ellen really is, had it not been for Annemarie’s quick-thinking father. Soon after, Ellen and the Johansens go to Annemarie’s uncle’s house where Ellen will be reunited with her family. Ellen and her family, and a few others are able to be smuggled to Sweden where they are free from the Nazis.

Number the Stars is a great book. Younger readers will learn a lot about how the Jewish people felt during the holocaust. Number The Stars is full of suspense and is a very interesting book.  Lois Lowry is a great writer and I recommend this book to everyone, not just young readers.


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