So B. It, Sarah Weeks

Heidi It’s mom has a, “bum brain.” She communicates with only 23 words. All Heidi, and her neighbor Bernedette, know about her mama is that her name is So Be It. All of this will change when Heidi begins a search to find out who her mother is, who she is.

After finding an old camera. Heidi knows just the place to start searching for her mama’s identity. She makes a journey all by herself to find where her mother used to live, where Heidi began. The problem is that once she reaches her destination, others make it hard for  her to get the information she needs.

So B. It is a truly delightful story about identity and above all else, family. Heidi is a very good character. When I read this book, I found myself laughing with her, and crying with her. I truly enjoyed this wonderful book. It is very clear, and has a great plot. Although, there are many other books that  share the same plot. Never the less, I want you to fall into a trance reading this book just as I have. It is great for anyone over 8.


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