The Mighty Miss Malone, Christopher Paul Curtis

Set in the depression area, Deza Malone and her family are going through rough times, just like many others were. Despite this, Deza thinks her life is going great. She got new clothes, she will be tutored by her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Needham, and she got to eat the world’s best apple pie. Her good luck was running out, though.

While out on a fishing trip on Lake Michigan with friends, Deza’s father disappears. His family worry about him. Eventually he turns up. Sadly, he suffered a terrific accident and may never be the same again. After building back up his health, Deza’s father decides to leave his family in Gary, Indiana to find a job in Flint, Michigan. His family never get letters from him, and they never hear from him.

Deza and her family are forced out of their home. With help from new friends, Deza and her family are able to ride the rails until they are just outside of Flint. They stay in a small bungalow camp while Deza’s mother works in Flint. After about a month in the camp, Deza’s brother also disappears. Later, they find out that he has a career in singing at a speakeasy in Flint. Deza leaves her mom for a day or two in search of her brother.

Eventually, Deza and her mother are able to move back to their beloved city in Gary. Deza’s father is found, and it looks like she is, “back on the road to wonderful.”

Christopher Paul Curtis clearly researched the depression to make sure that everything in his book could have taken place in that era. The Mighty Miss Malone is a truly lovable story and I enjoyed reading it.


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