Tuck Everlasting, Natalie Babbitt

Everyone thinks that living forever would be wonderful, but according to the Tucks, it is not. Such is their dilemma when young Winnie enters their lives. Winnie figures out their secret. The Tucks unintentionally drank from a spring of eternal life long ago. They no longer age. They will never die. They explain to Winnie that living forever isn’t what it seems. You are stuck at one age. You watch friends die, family die, but you never do.

Another man finds out about the Tucks’ secret. He wants to bottle the spring’s water and sell it for a fortune. Mae Tuck is worried by this. She accidentally ends up killing the man. She knows that if she were convicted of his murder, huge problems would arise. If she were hung in the town’s gallows, people would realize that she was never going to die. If she were put in jail, people would realize that she doesn’t age. Winnie and the Tucks must hatch a plan to avoid each of these problems. Throughout this, Winnie has a problem of her own. She doesn’t know whether she too should drink from the everlasting spring.

Tuck Everlasting begins very slowly. Once the plot begins, it turns out to be a wonderful fantasy novel for readers older than nine years old. Natalie Babbitt makes the characters come alive. Readers seem to fall right into Winnie’s shoes. I recommend this book highly.


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