To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee

Scout Finch is growing up in the deep south in the depression-era. She and her older brother Jem spend their summers using their imaginations and playing with their friend Dill while he is in the neighborhood for the summer. The kids enjoy doing reenactments of how Boo Radley, a ghostly man who doesn’t see the light of day, murdered his dad with a pair of scissors. Atticus, Scout and Jim’s dad who is a lawyer, explains to the three that Boo wouldn’t like them to be playing these games. Despite this, the kids continue to taunt Boo Radley, even trespassing on his property.After terrible things happen in her neighborhood, Atticus helps Scout realize that maybe Boo isn’t as bad as she thought.

Meanwhile, Tom Robinson, an African-American man,  is charged with raping a young white woman. Atticus helps to defend Tom, although his prejudice community turns their backs on Atticus for it. Atticus takes on this case to prove to his kids, and other members of the community, not to hold prejudice and to think of others as equals.


This fantastic coming-of-age novel will make you fall in love with the wonderful characters. I have not read a book more deep, more inspiring than this. With Harper Lee’s incredible writing skills, I can think of no book with a better plot than this. I highly recommend To Kill a Mockingbird.


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